Yoga Teacher Training Certification Pathway

Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Training Pathway & Certification Diagram for RYT, Yoga Alliance

Our Training Structure


A Complete Transformational Program

Acquire skills for Life-Mastery

Gain personal insights through ancient yogic philosophy

Experience-oriented teaching and exploration

Tools to balance health and restore inner-resiliency

Learn to release persistent habits and behavior patterns


Learn professional facilitation skills

Customize, adjust or modify techniques for students

Add themes to classes and learn workshop formats

Embody what you teach and empower your students to do the same

Individualized training from world-class teachers

Opens new career opportunities

What we Offer

On-site retreat accommodations removed from typical daily distractions

Teaching and Q&A with Yogi Amrit Desai (when in residence)

Access to depth beyond physical postures – not just for exercise, but Self-Study

Ancient yogic wisdom presented for the western psyche

Masterful teachers who embody authentic yoga as a lifestyle

Hands-on individualized instruction and mentoring in small groups

Applied anatomy, modification and adjustment techniques to confidently assist your students

Guided meditations, chanting, group discussions, and more…

Yoga Teacher Training

The Posture of Consciousness

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Level 1 Amrit Yoga Teacher Training. A foundation for Life Mastery

  • Learn the dynamic postures of the Integrative Amrit Method sequence
  • Alignment-based script with clear and succinct language to optimize safety and energy flow in the body
  • Learn anatomy principles, adjustments and modifications to make the practice accessible for every body
  • Maximize each posture with the application of press points and energetic extensions, designed to facilitate the awakening of inner awareness
  • Use postures not just for exercise, but for self-study and transformation
  • Learn Self-discovery techniques which enable you to move beyond typical mental disturbances and into the bliss of being

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Meditation in Motion

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training builds the foundation upon principles of our 200-hour training, transitioning from the willful practice of asana into a meditative posture flow prompted by the inner urges of the body. It blends deliberate action with surrender to the innate intelligence of prana, freeing the practitioner into profound depths of stillness and meditation. The training incorporates:

  • Breathing (Pranayama) techniques to incorporate into each sequence
  • Techniques to explore the inner urgings of prana, release held-blockages and fears, and free life energy for healing and spiritual evolution
  • Experiential understanding of the deeper meanings of yogic scriptures
  • Techniques to bring your practice into any aspect of life for complete integration of what you do, where you go or who you are with

Yoga Nidra

The Stress Solution

Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Amrit Yoga, Teacher Training, I AM Yoga, Meditation

This 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Nidra training includes the following elements:

  • Ancient Yogic Roots & the Spiritual, Physiological and Psychological applications of Yoga Nidra
  • Current research on the therapeutic benefits of consciously entering deeper brain wave states through Yoga Nidra
  • Amrit Method Yoga Nidra manuals and Script Cards
  • Explanation of the therapeutic, scientific and spiritual benefits of each component used in Amrit Method Yoga Nidra
  • Learn the structure of Amrit Method Yoga Nidra to compile and customize many different guided experiences for your students

  • How to structure a Six-Week Series for ongoing studies in your community
  • How to Customize Group and Private Yoga Nidra sessions for any demographic
  • Receive individualized coaching and guidance to optimize delivery
  • Ongoing support from seasoned Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Facilitators

Advanced Yoga Nidra

Expand your Delivery

Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Amrit Yoga, Teacher Training, I AM Yoga, Meditation

Advanced Yoga Nidra

For Practitioners who have taken the core Yoga Nidra Training

The Advanced Yoga Nidra curriculum deepens the understanding and experience gained in Yoga Nidra Professional Training. Using scriptural teachings of the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras and unique insights from our Lineage, we will explore the original teachings of Yoga Nidra as an esoteric and ancient mystical practice.

Through this Yoga Teacher Training you will understand more about the anatomy of prana. Based on the chakra system and the koshas and gain greater insight into how they relate to energy blockages, karma, the ego and the spiritual evolution of yourself and your students.

You will receive a new deck of Yoga Nidra script cards including new breathing sequences, body rotation and visualization techniques to gain conscious control over and positively influence the involuntary nervous system.

Yoga Therapy

Prana as a Healing Medium

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Amrit Method Yoga Therapy training not only deepens your personal practice, it is an ideal modality for yoga teachers, body workers and mental health professionals to expand their client-offerings.

Learn advanced practices, facilitation tools and more:

• New and Advanced Yoga Therapy Poses

• Private and Group Facilitation Techniques

• Allocated Time for Refinement, Review and Practice

• Pre-designed Group and Solo Sequences

• How to Customize a Yoga Therapy Session