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Our Certified instructors and practitioners have passed rigorous training and have been entrusted to carry out the teachings of our Lineage. With each graduating class, the Amrit Yoga community grows and the light that shines from within all of us glows brighter.

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Guiding Principles

  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Service
  • Clarity
  • Fearlessness
  • Devotion

Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Training Pathway & Certification Diagram for RYT, Yoga Alliance

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Photo of Marlaina Vance (Avani)

Marlaina Vance (Avani)

Providence Hospital Wellness Center and Omni Fitness Center

Work Phone: 251-377-8820

Photo of Els Verheije

Els Verheije

L1 | Yoga Nidra | Yoga Therapy

Work Phone: 0032(0)496 48 45 20


Photo of Vidya Cheryl Vermey

Vidya Cheryl Vermey

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 610-793-6503

Home Phone: 703-863-9802

Photo of Karen Voepel

Karen Voepel

Yoga at the Ranch

Home Phone: 719-336-9657


Photo of John Vosler

John Vosler

Yoga L1 & L2 | Advanced Yoga Nidra | Yoga Therapy

Cell Phone: 310-387-3506

Work Phone: 310-390-4462


Photo of John Vosler

John Vosler

Senior Yoga Nidra Faculty



Photo of Debbie Walker

Home Phone: 813-245-9995


Photo of Eric Walrabenstein

Eric Walrabenstein

Yoga L1 & L2 | Advanced Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 602-843-7872


Photo of Upasana Meridith Walworth

Work Phone: 203-993-0045

Photo of Keeley Ward

Home Phone: 786-942-0830


Photo of Wellness Wave, LLC

Wellness Wave, LLC

Contact: Tania Wildbill

Work Phone: 541.310.9102

Photo of Dee Wesner

Work Phone: 970-903-0905

Photo of Tania Wildbill

Tania Wildbill

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 541-310-9102


Photo of Alice Wingert

Alice Wingert

Yoga L1 & L2 | Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 719-251-9396

Photo of Marion Wittink

Home Phone: 203-281-7642

Photo of Jeremy Wolf

Jeremy Wolf

Advanced Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 303-903-7521


Shivani Feryle Wright

Yoga L1 | Yoga Nidra

Cell Phone: 828-551-8545

Work Phone: 828-698-5974



Photo of Yoga By The Sea

Yoga By The Sea

Work Phone: 604-989-2382


Photo of Yoga For Everybody

Yoga For Everybody

Contact: Evelyne Serais

Work Phone: 203-254-YOGA (9642)



Photo of Renu Diane Zagoria

Home Phone: 954-562-4108


Photo of Katrina Zech

Katrina Zech

Yoga L1 | Yoga Nidra

Work Phone: 504-710-4507

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