Study with a Living Yoga Master

Access Profound Depths of Understanding and Direct Spiritual Experience

  • Immerse in a lineage close to the source of ancient teachings of Yoga
  • Access depths of understanding and direct experience rare in modern approaches to physical yoga
  • Learn different branches and practices of Yoga related to Bhakti, Raja, Hatha, Gjana, and Karma Yoga as various vehicles to self-exploration and spiritual awakening
  • Decode ancient scriptures for practical application and functional understanding in the modern world
  • Generate depth in your spiritual practice through direct energetic transmission from a Living Master
  • “Yogi Amrit Desai is a pioneer in introducing Yoga to the West, but more significantly through his unique style, his method of teaching draws upon the original spiritual depth that is missing in the popular practice of Hatha Yoga.”–Deepak Chopra

Explore our Lineage Programs

3-Day Intensive Program

Sadhana of Prana

This 3-day Intensive is an opportunity for yoga teachers and experienced yoga practitioners of all traditions to reconnect & recharge. You will join together with your fellow yoga practitioners in 4-5 progressively deepening Yoga Sadhanas (practices) in order to cultivate your recognition of the innate intelligence of the body’s vital life force: prana.

Bathe in the Healing Bliss of Prana

The Endless Now

The inmost goal of yoga radiates healing energies of love, healing and wisdom into the endless Now. Through the lineage of Amrit Yoga wiith sacred images, mantra and fire rituals, lineage meditations, inspired kirtan, prana-yama (pranic-savoring) and a devotional approach to asanas, we will quicken pranic vibrations into our bodies, lives and relationships.

Discover the depths of your Sadhana

Prana Awakening

Gurudev recommends this program for sincere, dedicated seekers who wish to accelerate the depth of their sadhana. It is specifically geared toward the awakening of prana Shakti through energetic transmission from guru to disciple. Gurudev’s masterful guidance will reveal the workings of spontaneous kriyas directly through pranic urges.