Registration Options

Training Price: $2,495 (inquire about private accommodation for single & dual occupancy)

Includes: Training, Training Materials, All Meals, Water, Room/Board

**A portion of your tuition payment will be used to provide a scholarship to one Indian National to participate in this Immersive Experience & Certification**

Not included: Pre-travel arrangements, Vaccinations, Airline tickets, Personal Excursions,
Shopping, and related Transportation Fare, Tips/Gratuities, Visas, Foreign Fees, Passport Fees

Tour Price: $2,995 (inquire about private accommodation for single & dual occupancy)

Includes: Hotel accommodations, Two meals daily, Intra-Country Travel, Admissions to Tour Sites, some exception(s) apply

Not Included: Pre-travel arrangements, Vaccinations, Airline tickets, Personal Excursions,
Shopping, and related Transportation Fare, Tips/Gratuities, Visas, Foreign Fees, Passport Fees

Application and final payment must be completed by November 20, 2017.
If you have questions call our registration office at 352-685-3001

Training ($2,495) + Tour ($2,995) = $5,490 (-$500 Combo Price) = $4,990

Register for both the Training and the Tour and receive $500 savings on the final price!

12-Day India Tour (January 8 – 19, 2018)


Join us as we venture on our 2018 Tour through India

Gurudev and his son, Malay, will be your guides as you explore the ancient states of Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat. Gurudev continues to bring the teachings back to his motherland for an international training at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir and to kick off this momentous occasion he will be hosting a cultural and spiritual immersion tour of the country immediately following the training. In each city we will have the opportunity to explore the culture, the history, and the spirituality that comprises the foundation of India. We will visit the ancient Holy Sites, the colorful Bazaars, and historical museums and palaces. We will immerse ourselves in the rich cultures, colors, and smells while all along connecting deeply within. We will relax, explore, and expand as we travel with Gurudev through his homeland. On January 8th, at the culmination of the training, we will take a day trip to visit the sacred sites of the Lord Lakulish Lineage; including, the Kayavarohan Temple, the site where Gurudev first met Bapuji, and the village that Gurudev spent his early childhood.

Please join us for the once in a lifetime opportunity. India is waiting.Indian Food

*For anyone also taking the training at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir, the tour will begin for you at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir on January 9th*

Highlights Include:
  • Take an Evening Boat Ride on the Holy Pichola River
  • Cuddle with Monkeys at Jaipur Monkey Temple
  • Take a Sunset Camel Ride in Ajmer to dance and dine with locals
  • Trek the majestic Himalayan Foothills
  • Rappel, Cliff-dive, or Bungee-jump down into the sunken waterfalls
  • Visit the Country’s only Brahma Temple
  • Receive Darshans from Gurudev all across India
    Indian Elephants in Full Decor
  • Enjoy the  the city Palace of Udaipur
  • Shop the winding bazaars of Pushkar
  • Taste the chai, the curry, and all of the other Indian delights
  • Relax at the beautiful waterfront restaurants
  • Get a tour of Gurudev’s hometown by Gurudev himself
  • Visit the Kayavarohan Temple established as the foundation of the Lakulish lineage
  • Visit the location where Gurudev first met Bapuji
  • Meditate on lakeside rooftops
  • Partake in Ayurvedic Treatments in Rishikesh at the Maa Yoga Ashram (at own expense; subject to availability)
  • Plus Many, Many More!

Ayurvedic Detoxification & Massage Services

During your magical stay in the spiritual foothills of the Himalayas, we recommend gifting yourself with therapeutic rejuvenating services at the Maa Yoga Ashram, located in Rishikesh. These services will be made available to tour participants during our stay in Rishikesh and immediately following the culmination of the Amrit Yoga Institute’s Spiritual Pilgrimage Tour.

Note that these services are of high quality and priced significantly lower than the same service in the U.S.

*Ayurvedic Services range from US$35 to US$45

Please visit the Maa Yoga website for further details:
Visit their Website


*Subject to Change

Training Dates: December 29, 2017 through January 07, 2018

This curriculum is designed in two phases: Philosophy of Yoga followed by the Medical Applications of Yoga Nidra. The philosophy learned in the first phase is practically applied in the second phase.

An Immersive Experience

The training provides in-depth information and personal experience regarding of this transformative technique. Day by day, you will see how old baggage and repetitive thinking patterns affect your life, health and well-being. With intention and the five tools of Yoga Nidra, you will learn how to use this simple sleep-based meditation technique to profoundly heal and restore the body’s reserves and unburden your life. Create a body and brain with greater resilience to stress-producing situations. Boost the body’s healing potential, release chronic tension, pay off sleep debt and learn skills to master the demands of life. An excellent program to gain intuitive perspective into life transitions and challenges.

What to expect:

  • An immersive experience led by our senior staff, including Kaminin, John V. Nirali…imparting expert knowledge in an intimate group setting.
  •  Multiple daily Yoga Nidra practices to restore and rejuvenate
  • In-depth reflection and learning on the philosophical, biological and psychological foundations of Yoga Nidra.
  • Guidance for optimal practice and benefit of the Integrative Amrit Method (I AM) of Yoga Nidra
  • Harness the power of Yoga Nidra to remove blocks, detoxify and initiate unprecedented life-shifts from beyond the thinking mind.
  • Receive a comprehensive Yoga Nidra manual


A Certification to support your career

Drawing on the scientific basis and modern applications, we will study look into the most current research: verifying its benefits and the changes happening in the brain while in Yoga Nidra. Combining science and the ancient wisdom of yoga, you will understand how to apply Yoga Nidra to address conditions such as:

  • Stress
  • Habits and Addictions
  • Trauma and P.T.S.D.
  • Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

**A portion of your tuition payment will be used to provide a scholarship to one Indian National to participate in this Immersive Experience & Certification**

This course of advanced study provide you with the skills necessary to guide others in Yoga Nidra, but is also ideally suited for your personal transformation. You will receive your own unique Yoga Nidra card deck system which will allow you to easily create your own Yoga Nidra experiences.

Train at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir in Malav, Gujarat

The Kripalu Samadhi Mandir is a Holy Site in the heart of Gujarat where the famous saint, Swami Kripalvandandji spent over twelve years in Sadhana. Before his Mahasamadhi, he requested that his closest disciples bury his remains in a field located in the town of Malav due to the reverence and serenity he experienced there. His wish was granted by his disciple, Kirit Patel, and a large and magnificent Shaiviate Temple has been constructed over his burial location in tribute to Swami Kripalu and his Guru, Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Gurudev walking with Bapuji

The grounds are beautiful; complete with peacocks, monkeys, orchards, a variety flowers, and immaculately kept fields. There is a large meditation hall, a dining room, and a residential building for all of those who wish to come and study the authentic teachings of ancient yoga in the serenity, beauty, and calmness of the Ashram. It is the ideal place for the in-depth study of authentic and ancient teachings of Yoga.

Before Swami Kripalu’s Mahasamadhi, he asked one of his foremost disciples, Gurudev Shri Amritji, to one day bring the authentic teachings of Yoga and Yoga Nidra back to India when the time was right. In the Spring of 2017, Gurudev Shri Amritji fulfilled that request by bringing these teachings back to India for the first time; and, he was so inspired by the reception that we could not wait an entire calendar year to return and provide this spiritually charged experience to others! This facility will continue to provide the teachings of this lineage on a consistent basis to uphold the legacy of Lord Lakulish and Swami Kripalu.

Gurudev with a Joyful SmileGurudev Shri Amritji

is one of a handful of gurus who came to America from India in the early 1960s. This wave began the initial yoga craze that has grown into a massive and diverse yoga practices we see worldwide today. Amritji has been formally honored on multiple occasions for being one of the earliest pioneers in bringing yoga to the West. He is the last living guru from this initial wave.

kamini-bio14Kamini Desai, PhD

Over the last 20 years, internationally known Kamini Desai, PhD. has created an exciting and versatile body of teaching, combining Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. Kamini’s experiential teaching style has been welcomed in over 10 countries around the world. Her proven system of Professional Energy Management has benefitted employees at Sony, KPN Telecom, Mars Confectionery and in the Netherlands government. She is the developer of core curriculum of the Amrit Yoga Institute and currently serves as the Director of Education and Lead Teacher of the Amrit Methods of Yoga Teacher Training Level I and Level II, as well as the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra Professional Training with Gurudev.

Nirali-Headshot(GLV)Nirali Lauren McCrea

Nirali has consistently practiced and studied yoga for over 10 years, which she has integrated into her daily life. Having completed two separate 500-hour certification trainings, she skillfully blends intuitive insight with gentle humor to experientially guide students into the heart of yoga. Nirali has served on the staff of the Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Professional Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute since 2010, and currently works to enhance the quality, presence and delivery of Amrit Yoga teachers worldwide. Additionally, she has accompanied Yogi Desai and Kamini Desai, Ph.D. on domestic and international travels since 2009 as an assistant teacher during seminars. Today, she continues to deepen her education, exploration and practice of yoga and the art of integration at the Amrit Yoga Institute.

John Vosler

For over twenty years, John Vosler has had a passion for teaching how our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies. He has a degree in Human Development and certifications in multiple healing modalities. As a senior teacher at the Amrit Yoga Institute, he speaks internationally on the profound healing benefits of the ancient meditation practice of Yoga Nidra. John has a successful holistic health practice in Los Angeles, California. He has worked with executives, athletes, celebrities, mom’s and other professionals attracted to John’s unique combination of intuitive awareness, understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and expansive knowledge of physiology and the science of meditation. His infectious humor and compassionate heart make growth a joy filled experience.

Housing Details During the Training

During the Yoga Nidra Professional Facilitator Certification in India, you will have the opportunity to stay at the Kripalu Samadhi Mandir, where Bapuji lived and practiced for over 12 years! This is where his Mahasamadhi temple stands today. The ashram is equipped with immaculate gardens, a beautiful temple, a residence hall, dining room, and lecture facilities.You have multiple rooming options for your stay.

Each room has its own bathroom and houses 2-3 guests. Due to limited space at the ashram, we are offering single occupancy accommodation on a very limited basis, and is subject to change at any time based on enrollment.


There is an option to have your own room at an additional cost. If you would like to take advantage of this, please inquire with the Amrit Yoga Institute’s main office.

Housing Details During The Tour

During the 11-Night India Tour immediately following the training, we will have the opportunity to travel through some of India’s most historic states, visiting several different cities! Over the course of the 11-Night tour, we will stay at exquisite locations, comprising the most sought after hotels in every destination. Hotels will be equipped with all the most comfortable amenities for your convenience and relaxation.

Basic pricing per person reflects a shared accommodation within your hotel room; with the option to request preferred roommates.

Singles who would like their own room

We will be more than happy to work with you to arrange a private hotel room for an additional fee. If you are interested in this,



Q: Do I need a Passport and/or visa to go India? How do I get them?

A: You need both to enter India. Your passport must be valid for up to 6 months following your return to the United States; meaning the end of July 2018. If you need to acquire or renew a passport, it may take 6 weeks to 3 months to process passport renewal. Start soon by visiting U.S. Passports and International Travel. You do need a visa to enter India – there are multiple options to choose from. You have the option to apply for a 6-month, 5-year, or 10-year visa. Please apply for your visa right away at  and follow the step-by-step process which the website will guide you through. You can apply for a 90-day e-Tourist Visa (eTV) here: process is expedited as it is done electronically.

Q: What are the dates of these events?

I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Facilitator Certification: Dec. 29-January 7 (we advise arriving one day early in case of flight delays or other unforeseen circumstances). If you wish to take part in the one day January 8th Field Trip, please arrange your return flight(s) accordingly.

11- Night Spiritual Tour of India: January 9 – January 20 (if you wish to partake in the January 8th one-day field trip, please arrange your travel accordingly).

Q: What Vaccinations do I need?

A: Visit the CDC website for recommended vaccinations when visiting India: typically MMR, DTP, Hep A & Typhoid vaccines. Malaria tablets may be taken before, during, and after the trip. Consult and Schedule vaccinations with your local physician.

Q: When I book my flights – What city should I arrive in? What city should I depart from?

**Note that flights are less expensive if fly into Delhi (Indira Gandhi Airport) or a similar major international airport, then take domestic connecting flights intra-country to/from Vadodara, Dehradun, etc.**

A: If you are participating in the Spiritual Pilgrimage Tour only: Fly into Vadodara International Airport (if participating in the January 8th day trip); Fly into Ahmedabad {Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Aiprort} (if beginning tour on January 9th).

If you are participating in I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Facilitator Certification only: Fly into Vadodara or Ahmedabad (Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Aiprort) (and fly out from here)

If you are participating in Both Training/Spiritual Tour: Fly into Vadodara International Airport, Fly out of Dehradun

Pack Light and save room for purchases. Laundry facilities will be available (but recommend packing light and buying clothes at great prices in India).

Q: Where are we going on the 11-Night Tour?

A: We will be visiting holy spiritual and revered holy temples, palaces, Gurudev’s childhood hometown and lineage sites, bazaars, boat rides, camel rides, and much more.

COVERING 4 the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand:

Nights of:  (Complete Itinerary to be released soon!)

1. January 8th Day Lineage Trip (Gujarat): Kayavarohan Temple, Gurudev’s Childhood Village, & location in Halol where Gurudev first met Bapuji. Stay overnight at Kripalu Samadhi Mandir, Malav, Gujarat

2. January 9th: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

3. January 10th – 12th: Udaipur, Rajasthan

4. January 13th-14th: Pushkar, Rajasthan

5. January 15th: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh

6. January 16th-18th: Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun area of Uttarakhand

Q: Will my cell phone work in India? Internet Access?

A: During the Tour WiFi will be available at all Hotels and in some local eateries and sites. You may need to get an international sim card or talk service in advance if you wish to make phone calls. There are also several applications available for compatible phones that permit free messaging such as “WhatsApp”.

For the Training WiFi is available at Kripalu Samadhi Mandir. You can utilize WiFi calling at all locations where WiFi is available; however, to use a phone without interruption and in areas without WiFi, you may need to get an international sim card or talk service provided in advance. Please contact your cell phone service provider for more information..


Individual = $2,495
Deposit = $500
Couples private room (2 persons) = $5,490
Deposit = $1000


Individual = $2,995
Deposit = $500
Single occupancy private = $3,695
Deposit = $500

Training and Tour:

Individual = $4,990 (saving $500!)
Deposit = $1000

**Please Call the Amrit Yoga Institute’s Main Office a 352-685-3001 to request private accommodations**

  1. Individual private tour room and then shared training room = $5,990
    • Deposit $500
  2. Private Double/Couple = $10,980
    • Deposit = $2000

Registration and Payment Deadlines

October 18, 2017: A total accumulated payment of $1000 (can include $500 from prior deposit, if any made). This payment (by this date) is nonrefundable and nontransferable to other AYI programs

November 20, 2017: Remainder of training and tour balance paid in full, as well as submission of all requested travel information

NOTE: If you wish to fly with the Amrit Yoga Institute’s staff out of Orlando, FL. please notify Hari Amar 352-685-3001, Ext. 602 or via email at