Malav Ashram is a Holy Site in the heart of Gujarat where the famous saint, Swami Kripalvandandaji spent over twelve years in Sadhana. Before his Mahasamadhi, he asked his disciples to be buried in a specific field located in Malav due to the sacredness and serenity he experiencedmalavashram3 there. His wish was granted by his disciple, Kirit Patel, and a large and magnificent Shiviate Temple has been constructed over his burial spot in tribute to Swami Kripalu and his Guru, Lord Lakulish, the 28th incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The grounds are beautiful; complete with orchards, flowers, and immaculately kept fields. There is a large meditation hall, a dining room, and a residential building for all of those who wish to come and study the authentic teachings of ancient yoga in the serenity, beauty, and calmness of Malav. It is the ideal place for the in-depth study of authentic and ancient teachings of Yoga.

Before Swami Kripalu’s Mahasamdhi, he asked one of his foremost disciples, Yogi Amrit Desai, to one day bring the authentic teachings of Yoga and Yoga Nidra back to Malav when the time was right. At his bequest, this coming year (2017), Yogi Amrit Desai will be hosting I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training with a focus on the medical applications of Yoga Nidra at Malav. Moving forward this facility will continue to provide the teachings of this lineage more consistently and more often to uphold the legacy of Lord Lakulish and Swami Kripalu.



The Origin of I AM Reiki

I met Gurudev Yogi Desai at Kripalu Center in Summit Station Pennsylvania in the late 1970’s. By the recommendation of friends, my partner at the time and I registered as guests in the Health Center for some needed R&R.

This meeting was Gurudev Japaa critical catalyst to finding what I had been seeking since childhood. Yogi Desai became my guru, teaching the meaning of Christ’s ...

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Journey through the Chakras with Kamini Desai

It is our belief at Amrit Yoga Institute that for the world to change we must first change ourselves.

Often this task seems very complex, however yoga nidra does the work for you while you rest. It works on a deep level and you will notice remarkable changes in just the first session.  Continue for 11 hours over the course of 2 weeks and see even greater results.  We suggest you do this session once in the morning and once in the evening before bed.

If you feel inspired by this practice and want to learn how much further you can take this knowledge into your life, sign up for the complete training in October.

Check out the link below to learn more about our Yoga Nidra Professional Trainings

Yoga Nidra Full Program at Amrit Yoga Institute banner for 2016

Yoga Nidra for Recovery, Addiction and Healing

Yoga Nidra or “Yogic Sleep” is a powerful guided meditation that takes you beyond the mind into the healing flow of the body. In this special session Colette one of the Yoga Nidra Instructors and the Director of Recovery Programs at the Amrit Yoga Institute takes you on a journey to freedom and rejuvenation.


Yoga Nidra cultivates neuroplasticity, a neurological process which enables the conscious part of the re-patterned brain to temporarily override entrenched patterns as ...

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Understanding Change

Change is not just the force of destruction but also the force of creation. Underlying the forces of opposites is the integration that is inherent in change. Change has neither ups nor downs. It is neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong. All opposites become one through change.

If you trust change, you have nothing you need to change. You are at peace with change. When you are at peace with change, you are at peace with what exists at ...

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Quiet the Mind with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra: A Guided Meditation led by Liam Gillen

The Process of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is practiced in a comfortable lying down position. You are guided through a series of breathing exercises and simple instructions. Some of these include visual imagery or a scan of the body, which occupies the mind and prevents it from becoming involved in the usual mind-chatter that absorbs our ordinary consciousness. Within a short time, you become submerged in the alpha ...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Do this Simple Meditation Everyday with your Kids

  1. You are a role model.

    They want to do what you do…when they see it’s a priority in your life, it will become one in theirs.

  2. When you are calmer as a result, they will be too.

    Your kids can tell when you’re stressed, and its stressing them out too! When you are calm and relaxed, they are more likely to respond calm and relaxed.

  3. They will learn the power of the breath.

    And how to use it to automatically slow down the nervous ...

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Choiceless Awareness: the Key to Non-reactive Presence

Knowing yourself is not the same as knowing about yourself. Whatever you know about yourself is a mental construct. Your entire past, your age, profession, acquired conditioned thoughts, feelings, self-image and karma body with all its content is not you.

You are the container, the “I AM.” You are the changeless, timeless soul that was present before you were born in the body you currently inhabit and will continue to be present after your body dies. Regardless of what is happening ...

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Balance the Chakras and You Balance Your Life

By Gurudev and Bill Eager

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which translates as “wheel”. Chakras are energetic power centers that both take in and distribute energy throughout the body. There are seven major chakras that correspond to the nerve plexus and endocrine glands in our physical body.

Chakras or nerve plexus in your body are perpetually affected by the way you interact with life’s situations, people and places on a physical, mental and emotional level. Thus, your chakras collect and absorb energy. ...

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Yogi Amrit Desai Dictating and Writing on Yoga

Manifest vs. Unmanifest Reality

 You can’t enhance or diminish what is present; you can only acknowledge and embrace it. But ego-mind will fight with, run from or attempt to modify what is present. The mind, conditioned by social norms and personal likes and dislikes, lives in dualistic conflicts in service of the self–image.

Presence is undivided; choosing for or against is what gives birth to the ego-mind. Choice separates us from the source of Oneness. Once your ego chooses for it or against, then you ...

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