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Santosha Yoga & Holistic Health Center

Contact: Friendson Susan

Work 14 Bartlett Ave, Cranston, RI 02905 Cranston RI 02905

Work Phone: (401) 780-9809



Photo of Santosha Yoga & Holistic Health Center

Santosha Yoga and Holistic Health Center honors, serves, and supports those on the path to self-healing.  We believe improving our world begins when individuals develop their personal potential.  Whatever your goals might be, Santosha’s teachers and holistic service providers are committed to helping you find physical, emotional, and spiritual empowerment.  We have found that a regular practice of yoga can be deeply transformative, and Santosha makes regular practice easily accessible.  While our principal teachings are from the Amrit and Kundalini yoga schools, we welcome diversity and strive to offer a variety of tools for development. Santosha is a holistic community for learning and sharing through various classes, workshops, services, and activities. Everyone is welcome at Santosha.