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Dear Community and Friends,

It has been said that we never forget the one who opened our hearts to the truth of who we really are. Whether it was your yoga teacher or a friend, every time you think of them a deep sense of gratitude overcomes you. Perhaps that initial awakening happened the first time you listened to Gurudev or sat in a class with Kamini or Chandrakant or one of our many amazing teachers.

Whether it was in Florida, Iceland, Portugal or even California, your light has been lit. From that initial connection, you have seen miracles both small and great in your life and in your relationships with parents, children, work, family life and love life as the teachings have brought you more harmony, love and happiness. Now is your chance to open the door in the same way it was opened for you when you want to re-connect.

It is Gurudev, Kamini and Malay’s dream to continue growing a sanctuary of love that feeds your spirit and nourishes your heart and soul, in the company of like-minded seekers. By supporting the Amrit Yoga Institute’s work and by helping make its teaching more readily available to those who are also seeking inner freedom, you are sharing your light with a spiritually thirsty world that has yet to discover these ancient teachings.

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  • “ I know the ADOPT AYI PROGRAM will move you to take part of this sacred vision to transform lives. Your time, skills and financial resources make this vision come true”.–-Gurudev Shri Amritji