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Amrit Method Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Upcoming Seminars

The Posture of Consciousness Amrit Method of Yoga ImmersionThe Posture of Consciousness Amrit Method of Yoga Immersion

5/2-5/11/14 OR

Salt Springs, FL

with yoga teacher certification September 12-21, 2014
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Conscious Crossover Amrit Method of Advanced YogaConscious Crossover Amrit Method of Advanced Yoga


Salt Springs, FL

with teacher certification in 2015
(prerequisite Level I)
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Amrit Method Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Amrit Method Yoga Trainings

Whether you are already a practitioner of hatha yoga or are just beginning your yoga journey, the Amrit Method of Yoga offers a dimension of yoga training you won’t find anywhere else. Because it is easily accessible and adaptable to different levels of strength and ability, it is ideal for spiritual seekers, health and therapy professionals, and teachers of any style of hatha yoga and meditation.

Built on authentic yoga teachings, the Amrit Method has enormous relevancy for today’s world. This unique approach to yoga transforms philosophy into a living reality that will take you to the direct experience of integration. It can empower you as never before, enabling you to manage your thoughts and emotions, and initiating deep and lasting transformation that will forever change your understanding of your Self and your relationships with others.

The Amrit Method Yoga Training programs consist of two 10-day residential sessions. You may choose to participate in only the first of these as an “Immersion” for personal growth, or take both sessions for certification as an Amrit Method Yoga Teacher. The trainings offer you the opportunity to learn masterful techniques while you gain the knowledge and confidence to share these teachings with others. These trainings are designed to:

  • Deepen your personal understanding and experience of yoga
  • Connect you with the silent awareness at the core of your being that impacts every aspect of your life
  • Help you find and release behaviors which are affecting your health and well being
  • Build your physical, mental and emotional vitality

All Amrit Method training programs incorporate: 

  • Classical yoga theory and teachings from ancient texts
  • The Amrit Method view of energy, anatomy, pranayama and meditation
  • The Amrit Method of Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Quantum Breath Meditation
  • Devotional practices (bhakti yoga)
  • Instruction, practice and hands-on posture clinics
  • Applied anatomy, modifications and assists, teaching techniques and practice teaching
  • Sessions with Gurudev including mantra chanting, meditation, discourse and Q&A

Amrit Method Yoga Training

Amrit Method of Yoga Level I Immersion: Transform Yourself

One 10-Day Session/100 hours

Open to all practitioners, this 10-day residential program is ideal for those seeking to take their yoga practice to a deeper level. It provides 100 hours of training, and may be used as the basis for future training should you want to become a teacher. Under the direct guidance of Yogi Amrit Desai and Senior Teachers, you will learn:

  • To maximize energy flow in every posture through application of press points and energetic extensions
  • To use postures not just for exercise, but as a tool for self-study and Self-discovery
  • Techniques to enable you to move beyond mental disturbances into the bliss of being present as you are

Amrit Method of Yoga Level I Teacher Certification: Transmit Yoga to the World

Two 10-Day Sessions/200+ hours (Immersion + Teacher Certification)
(Meets Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certification requirements)

Building on the 10-day Immersion, Level I Teacher Certification requires an additional 10-day residential session of daily practice, lectures with Gurudev and Senior Amrit Teachers, posture clinics, scripture study, anatomy classes and group sharing. In this program, you will learn:

  • To guide students safely and effectively through 26 dynamic postures of the Amrit sequence
  • Anatomy principles, assists and modifications to make asana practice accessible to every body
  • A unique script to bring students into and out of postures using succinct, clear and effective language for awakening inner awareness

Amrit Method of Yoga Level II Teacher Certification: Enter the Deeper Subtler Aspects

Two 10-Day Sessions/200+ hours
(In combination with Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra Professional Trainings, meets Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Certification requirement)
*Offered every other year

This advanced training builds on Level I and teaches you to guide yourself and your students from the willful practice of postures to a flow prompted by the inner urgings of prana. It blends deliberate action with surrender to the inner guidance of the wisdom of your own body. The training incorporates:

  • Breathing techniques to use as part of the sequence
  • Techniques to explore postures and connect with the urgings of prana, to experience and release inhibitions and fears, and to free your life energy for healing and rejuvenation
  • Experiential understanding of the deeper meanings of yogic scriptures, and techniques that will allow you to bring your practice into every aspect of your life, experiencing integration no matter where you go, what you do, or who you are with