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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

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Part 1; July 8-17, 2016 (a 10-day Immersion) with Part 2; September 9-18, 2016 (a 10-day Certification)

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Amrit Method Teacher Training

Amrit Method Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are already a practitioner of Yoga or brand new, the Amrit Method of Yoga offers a unique dimension in Yoga Training that is easily adaptable to different levels of experience, strength, ability and age.

Gurudev at Lake Kerr

Yogi Amrit Desai at the Amrit Yoga Insitute

In today’s world of high stress and anxiety, there is nothing more powerful than learning how to be calm in the midst of chaos. If you are seeking a style of yoga that is authentic and transformational, that will forever help you to understand your relationship with Self and others, look no further than The Integrative Amrit Method (I AM), a profound experience of Meditation in Motion, or stillness in action.

The roots of Amrit Yoga derive deep from a lineage of great Kundalini Masters in India. The innovative teachings of the Amrit Method were developed by one of the ORIGINAL Pioneers of Yoga in the USA, Yogi Amrit Desai.

Yogi Desai has been teaching in the west for over 54 years! Thousands of people from all over the world have attended his seminars and trainings andbecoming certified yoga teachers under his guidance. Today, at 81 years of age, Yogi Desai still heads the Amrit Yoga Institute with dynamism and a “beginners mind”.

Additionally, the Amrit Yoga Institute is one of few yoga institutes in the world whose certification is accredited under the Yoga Alliance, and the Council For Yoga Accreditation International(CYAI) , making our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training one of the highest respected in the world.

Yoga on the lakeFight Or Flight?

Triggered in the past during times of great danger, such as being chased by a Tiger, the fight or flight response helped save our lives. Today, however, due to incessant over-stimulation, STRESS and ANXIETY run wild, causing our fight or flight response to be in chronic OVERDRIVE. This releases a constant, steady flood of chemicals into our bodies that cause premature aging, otherwise preventable disease and unhappiness. Is it any wonder people are sicker, left with less energy and vitality than ever before? The once real Tigers have become imaginary ones disguised as road-rage, deadlines, loud noises, career issues, monetary demands, personal relationships and more.


Recent studies show that 80% of illnesses are caused by Stress. Yoga, when practiced properly, not only reduces stress, has been shown to have dramatic, positive impact on health and many diseases.

However, not just “ANY” yoga is equipped to inhibit the negative impact of stress.

Authentic yoga as practiced in the Integrative Amrit Method, transforms ancient philosophy into a current and relevant living reality, providing you the blueprint with which to integrate it into your daily life.


Most yoga styles in the west focus primarily on the physical yoga pose, getting fit, or being flexible to look and feel better. While these are good, they are only secondary benefits, when yoga should lead to a profoundly deeper, richer experience of life. In fact, with yoga’s popularity growing like never before, Yogi Desai likes to say, “Yoga is popular, but what is popular is not yoga”. What does this mean? When you step onto the yoga mat to practice, the question becomes “What are you practicing?”

According to Patanjali, the purpose of yoga is to “still the modifications of the mind”.

What are you practicing?But let’s face it: we spend most of our lives in constant thought, reacting to circumstance, continuously critiquing ourselves and others, while trying to measure up to some self-created standard or concept of how life should be.

If you continue to judge yourself, compare poses, and become frustrated, the practice becomes reinforcement of what was causing you stress in the first place. You miss the opportunity to experience the essence of yoga - union.

Yoga has not changed in the last six thousand years, but what we call yoga has. With what we have now, while still a form of yoga, much of the depth and meaning has been lost. People are left with philosophy concepts, but void of the experience.

Understood correctly, Hatha Yoga is capable of using body and mind to transcend the limits normally imposed by body and mind. This is the basis of Amrit Yoga.

Amrit Yoga connects you with the ancient roots and fundamental principles that are at the core of all branches of yoga. It is a non-aggressive, non-competitive and non-mental response to the wisdom of our vital life force, Prana.

Amrit Yoga harmonizes the mental and spiritual disciplines of Raja Yoga (surrender) with the strength of Hatha Yoga (willful action) into one system. This practice ultimately leads to the union of Individual Soul with Cosmic Soul, the real purpose of yoga.

Yoga class at Amrit Yoga Institute

What makes it exceptional?

Hard work can silence the mind during vigorous practice, yet it has no power to alter emotional patterns held securely in the unconscious. Amrit Yoga uses the body as an entry point to explore, experience and release psychosomatic blocks that prevent us from tapping into the infinite source of power from within.

Through its specific approach to yoga postures and pranayams (breath work), it cultivates inward focus and meditative awareness, and then uses them as an anchor for engaging scattered attention. Withdrawing attention from mental and external disturbances, and instead focusing on physical sensations heals the body-mind split re-establishes harmony.

In Amrit Yoga, the skills you learn on the mat extend to challenges you encounter in life. Vigorous practice combined with internal focus deepen the experience many fold, allowing you to overcome the tendency for fight or flight. By learning how to be engaged totally in the experience, you learn how to harmonize and ultimately silence the conflicting forces and disturbances that arise from the body, emotions and mind.

The Amrit Method of Yoga focuses on willful action and conscious surrender through each pose in the sequence. The first half of the pose is the physical posture; the second half is designed to consciously bring attention to feeling its impact, ultimately resulting in integration or union.

The purpose of the physical pose is to open the energetic extensions within your body to allow for the free flow of energy that was otherwise stagnant. This invariably creates sensation in the body we tend to either withdraw from or force our way through, unconsciously reinforcing the fight or flight response.

How to respond differently to fight or flight?

Once you feel the sensation as it arises, you move from the thinking and judging mind (like/dislikes) (pleasure/pain) to sensation in the body (reality).

You do this first by focusing your total attention on breath to interrupt the thinking pattern, and then move your attention to sensation in the body, away from the analytical mind. It is here that the fight or flight response disengages, and we move into acceptance of reality as it arises (integration).

Through this technique, the mat becomes a microcosm of life where you practice being still with what is, regardless of what shows up. Life is going to continue throwing uncomfortable, stressful situations at you (real life poses), but you can learn to free the mind of suffering by learning to do what Yogi Desai calls, “fire the judge and hire the witness”.

Kamini Desai teaches a class

This is the practice of integration. Most western schools or yoga programs never experience the second half of the pose. Think of the human heart. It creates both tension and relaxation. If it stayed tense you would have a heart attack; if it stayed relaxed, you would have a heart attack. Blood flow occurs by tension/relaxation. Like the heart, it is equally important after the tension of the physical pose to come into stillness, relaxation and integration.


Amrit Yoga is designed to move from “making it happen” to “Letting it happen”.

The entire purpose of yoga is to develop stillness in the midst of chaos, stopping our dualistic thinking comprised of attractions and repulsions, instead of creating more. When we move from the active posture into stillness and bring our attention to the movement and release of energy that was previously held tension within the body, the intelligence of the body then knows what to do with this released energy. This initiates a deeply healing, integrative process- without our mental involvement. The end result is deep meditation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and vitalized, allowing you to become more aware and mindful of yourself, life, and others.


Connect with friends and fellow studentsThe Integrative Amrit Method of yoga consists of two 10-day residential sessions in the serene setting of Salt Springs, Florida.

For a personal Immersion, you may choose to participate in the first session only for personal growth and transformation.

You can graduate from our Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training & Certification by completing both ten day sessions, and gain a richer experience as an Internationally Certified Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Teacher.

What our participants are saying:

"This program taught the real truth and philosophy of yoga. I feel very prepared to teach." – SC

"I am back in my body, freer in my mind and happy in my spirit." – MY

"I achieved certification but the bigger bonus was how I deepened my practice and opened my heart in unexpected ways." – JT

"I am now able to face my fears. When I want to run away I use the tools taught to let it go through me and get to the other side." – SC

"Revealing and transformative. Now I know I have a profound tool to give the world." – PR

"This program connected the dots between spiritual teachings and psychology in a simply brilliant way." - AL


Amrit Method Yoga TrainingThese trainings are designed to:

  • Deepen your personal understanding and experience of yoga
  • Re-connect you with the silent awareness that lives at the core of your being and impacts every aspect of your life
  • Help discover and release behaviors that are affecting your health and well-being
  • Build your physical, mental and emotional vitality


All Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Programs Incorporate:

  • Teaching and Q&A experiences directly from Yogi Amrit Desai
  • Classical yoga and theory from ancient texts
  • The Integrative Amrit Method view of energy, anatomy, pranayama and mediation
  • The Integrative Amrit Method view of Yoga Nidra and Quantum Breath Meditation
  • Devotional practices (bhakti yoga)
  • Instruction practice and hands-on posture clinics in small groups
  • Applied anatomy, modifications and assists, teaching techniques and practice teaching
  • Sessions with International Yoga Master, Amrit Desai including mantra chanting, meditation, discourse followed by Questions and Answer sessions.

Meditating students10-Day Session/ 100 hours

Open to all practitioners, beginners and experienced.

This 10-day residential program is ideal for those seeking to take yoga to a deeper level. It provides 100-hours of training and may be used as the basis for future training should you desire to certify as a yoga teacher. Under the direct guidance of Yogi Amrit Desai, you will learn:

  • To maximize energy flow in every posture through application of press points and energetic extensions
  • To use postures not just for exercise, but for self-study, transformation and Self-discovery techniques which enable you to move beyond mental disturbances, and into the bliss of being present as you are

Come experience the power of the Integrative Amrit Method.
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Amrit YogaTwo 10-Day Sessions/200+ hours (Immersion + Teacher Certification)
(Meets Yoga Alliance and Council for Yoga Accreditation International 200 Hour Certification requirements)


Building on the 10-day Immersion, Level I Teacher Certification requires an additional 10-day residential session of daily practice, lectures with Yogi Amrit Desai and Senior Amrit Teachers, posture clinics, ancient text study, anatomy classes and group sharing.

In this program, you will learn:

  • To guide students safely and effectively through 26 dynamic postures of the Integrative Amrit Method sequence
  • Anatomy principles, assists and modifications to make asana practice accessible to every body
  • A unique script to bring students into and out of postures using succinct, clear and effective language for awakening inner awareness


Come experience the power of the Integrative Amrit Method.
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(The (CYAI) was created by some of the leading Yoga Schools in the world. The intent of CYAI is to ensure that training programs truly teach the fundamental nature of yoga.)

Part 1; July 8-17, 2016 (a 10-day Immersion) with Part 2; September 9-18, 2016 (a 10-day Certification) or call 352-685-3001 for assistance...

Location: Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL

Contact: email or call 352-685-3001


Part I Immersion Only Tuition: $1695, Early Bird $1495 until June 15, 2015

Part II Certification Only Tuition: $2,000 plus room and board

(Prerequisite: Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga, Level I Immersion.)

Approved 200 hours Yoga Alliance Certification

Part 1; July 8-17, 2016 (a 10-day Immersion) with Part 2; September 9-18, 2016 ( a 10-day Certification)

or call 352-685-3001 for more information...